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Investment climate in Bangladesh

Opportunities in Bangladesh:

The implementation of a private sector industrial project in Bangladesh, whether local, joint venture or 100% foreign, follows a rather simple process. For an investor to invest once in Bangladesh, the first thing to do is to have relevant, adequate and reliable information about the investment and business climate, opportunities, competitive strength, industrial structure, etc

Investment climate and Opportunities:

Compared with other South Asian countries, Bangladesh provides an unparalleled investment environment.

  • Bangladesh is a basically homogeneous society, without huge internal or external pressure, and the population is very resistant to adversity (such as natural disasters).
  • Bangladesh supports freedom and democracy. The people of this country, regardless of race or religion, have lived in harmony for thousands of years.
  • Broad and fair political support for South Asian market reforms and a more investor-friendly regulatory system.
  • Cheap, hardworking, enthusiastic, and qualified labor (also according to regional standards), suitable for every labor-intensive industry.
  • The country’s geographical location is very suitable for world trade, and it is very convenient to access the international sea and air routes.
  • Bangladesh is rich in natural gas and water, and the soil is very fertile.
  • Although Bengali (Bengali) is the official language, English is often used as a second language. Most educated people can read, write and speak English.
  • Due to the low per capita GDP, domestic consumption is currently negligible; however, it must always be remembered that there is a middle class that accounts for more than 10% of the population. They have also grown significantly