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Spectra Hexa Feeds Limited

Spectra Hexa Feeds Limited is Bangladesh-Thai-Taiwan joint venture company established by Spectra Group of Bangladesh, Hexa Group of Thailand and Yarak B. T Corp. Ltd of Taiwan. This is a reputed animal feed company in Bangladesh with Mega Feed brand that has been operating its business successfully since 2005. The company has earned immense reputations since the operation has been started. At present, as a market leader, its growth is outstanding along with enviable goodwill. BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Certified.


Project Summary
Name of the Project : Spectra Hexa Feeds Ltd.
Location of the Project : Ichail, Utholi, Shibalaya, Manikgonj.
Registered Office : House No. 17, Road No.106
Bolck CEN(f) Gulshan, Dhaka.
Form of Entity : Private Limited Company.
Land Descriptions Plot No. SA 126, 127, 188, 186/190, 189, 128, 185
Khatain No. 2, 9, 129
Mouza- Arpara
Area- 429.00 decimal, Value- 85.80 lakh.


Spectra Hexa Feeds Limited is committed to enhance customer service through a quality system and procedure. In doing so company has long term vision that will be achieved in course of everyday practice and performance by the top to lower management.


This company has its own philosophy by which it runs its business ethically and is not enticed to get involved with any unethical venture. Quality skilled personnel and sound technical logistic support ensure high quality service. Our salient principle is to survive in the international market by dint of good reputation.


Fish farming in Bangladesh has been increasing rapidly. The farmers are gradually shifting use of traditional feed to scientific feed for attaining higher growth. So the demand of quality feed has been increasing firstly. The financial, technical, marketing, economic and managerial aspects of the proposal revels that the project is a technically feasible, financially sound and it is the priority sector of the Government.


The proposal envisages for setting up a modern fish feed mills at Mouza- Arpara, Shibalaya, Manikgonj under the name & style of M/S. SPECTRA HEXA FEEDS LTD. The form of entity would be a private limited company. The company is formed a joint venture company with Bangladesh, Thailand and Twain. The Name & Address of the Directors is given blow:


Spectra Hexa Feeds Ltd. (member of Spectra Group) formed by a team of leading professional persons from Agri-business, Real Estate, Construction and other Business sector of Bangladesh. Spectra Feeds Ltd. committed to contribute in Fish & Poultry Feed sector of Bangladesh with quality, commitment, trust & goodwill.


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